Top sitz bath herbs for 2022

Finding your suitable sitz bath herbs is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best sitz bath herbs including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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1. Best Organic Sitz Bath Soak For Postpartum New Mom Essentials & Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment, 100% Natural & Gentle With Pure Epsom & Dead Sea Salts Witch Hazel Lavender Essential Oil


Packaging may vary please see details in the image section.
DESIGN FOR MOMS top grade proprietary 19-in-1 extra gentle relief formula with exceptional healing benefits: The finest grain salts dissolves extremely quickly, no need to strain no hassle, all you have to do is soak, relax & get well!
GENTLY CLEANSES & RELIEVES hemorrhoids, anal fissures, piles & perineal tears. Magnesium oil lubricates the perineum in order to repair damaged tissue, helping in the prevention of infection post childbirth;
BEST HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES ALTERNATIVE PAIN RELIEF FOR GENITAL PAIN, INFLAMMATION & SWELLING: quickly reduces inflammation after a soaking to shrink hemorrhoids, heal delicate skin, speed up recovery;
FAST POST-BIRTH PAIN RELIEF: Carefully formulated to heal & soothe bruising around episiotomy stitches & tears, provide relief to surrounding perineal muscles, help ease inflammation, constipation, vaginal discharge;
BEST ORGANIC & 100% NATURAL SITZ BATH SALTS: Made in US with the finest natural & organic ingredients, cruelty free. Pure & luscious relaxing aroma encourages fast healing, relaxes the mind while calming the body.
Patch-Test First For Compatibility

2. Earth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz Bath for Pregnancy and Postpartum, 2-Pack of 6

3. Herb Lore Postpartum Sitz Bath for Postpartum Care - Herbal Postpartum Bath Soak - Afterbirth Care Helps Heal & Soothe Damaged Perineal Tissues - A Must Have for Your Post Partum Care Kit


The Secret For Fast Natural Pain Relief & Healing! Our Herbal Postpartum Sitz Bath is the perfect afterbirth care solution to quickly heal your sensitive tissues so you can feel more like yourself after giving birth. The natural herbs help tissues heal from perineal rips and tears. The herbs encourage healing, swelling reduction, and postpartum pain relief.
Great Postpartum Gift For New Moms - Show the new mom in your life that you care! Having a newborn is hard enough, but when she is so uncomfortable "down there", it makes the early days harder than they need to be. Getting back to normal quickly after giving birth is easier when you use our healing herbal postpartum bath herb. Go ahead and add our Postpartum Sitz Bath to your cart, and become an early days hero!
You Choose How To Use The Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs - You decide which way is the best way to use the postpartum relief herbs for your afterbirth care. You can make your own healing perineal cold pack. You can use the steeped herbs in a sitz bath, in a peri bottle, in a spray bottle, or as a healing postpartum herb bath. The healing herbs can help heal your babys umbilical cord stump and soothe painful tissues down below.
Make Your Own Soothing Perineal Care Ice Packs For Postpartum Care - Pour the liquid from the steeped herbs over postpartum pads to freeze as a cool, pain relieving, and swelling reducing perineal cold pack. Instructions are included on the sitz bath herbs label.
Herb Lore's Postpartum Sitz Bath Is Made With Love! Herb Lores postpartum soak is made with only the highest-quality ingredients since 1996! We source our all natural non-GMO herbs from well-known and ethically sustainable sources grown without fertilizers or chemicals of any kind. We have always provided the freshest, highest quality all natural, non-GMO herbal products for pregnant, trying to become pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and their families.

4. Birds & Bees Teas - Organic Herbal Sitz Bath Soak Postpartum Care and Hemorrhoid Relief - for Soothing, Healing & Pain Relief for Postpartum Recovery - 4 Sachets


GENTLE, SOOTHING POSTPARTUM SITZ BATH SOAK FOR THE PERINEUM AFTER LABORgently care for your tender skin. Promotes postnatal, hemorrhoid, and post-surgical healing. Our special blend of antibacterial and healing herbs are used to reduce swelling and restore tissue after birth
USE OUR TEA EXTERNALLY & USE THE PADS AS TOPICAL COMPRESSESmake a tea for your bottom (you read that right!) from this carefully crafted blend of herbs and salts. Both as a Postpartum Sitz Bath & a Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath, make a soak for your bottom and use the sachet as a healing compress wither warm or cold after freezing.
YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTHand we understand that, so we use Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Caffeine Free, Organic Herbal Tea. We never use fillers, only high-quality ingredients that we would give to our own familybecause we do! Safe for the whole family.
THE PERFECT GIFTespecially for new mamas! This is one of the best gifts any mom-to-be can receive, perfect for baby showers! New moms rave about this bath soak; they especially love it the first two weeks after baby comes
SATISFACTION GUARANTEEwere confident youll love our delicious, all-natural proprietary blend made with nutritious ingredients like Lemongrass, Skullcap, Ginger, Spearmint, Orange Peel and a hint of Peppermint, but if youre not 100% happy with our teasfor any reasontell us within 30 days and well refund your money. No questions asked

5. Earth Mama Organic Herbal Sitz Bath for Pregnancy and Postpartum, 6-Count


Organic natural herbal postpartum healing pads
Comforting, USDA Certified 100% Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, in easy to use, individual herbal pads
Formulated with organic wound healing, styptic and antibacterial herbs traditionally used during pregnancy or postpartum after childbirth
100% honest labeling, toxin-free, made without synthetic fragrance, phthalates or parabens and no petroleum products, mineral oil or Vitamin E
Formulated by a Nurse and Herbalist, naturally vegan and gluten-free

6. Organic Postpartum Herbal Bath - Pack of 7 sachets - For after childbirth - Sitz Bath - Promotes Healing and Relaxation after birth - V-steam

7. Birth Song Botanicals Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath for, Soothing Recovery, 8 oz Bag


PROVIDING ESSENTIAL RECOVERY FOR MOMMA reduces vaginal swelling and provides great relief for sore muscles after giving birth. Also helps soothe hemorrhoids.
A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE there are many items on the market for before (prenatal, maternity and pregnancy) care, but we are one of the few that provides post care! We take care of mom pre pregnancy, during, and beyond giving birth to her little angel.
NATURAL AFTER CHILDBIRTH CARE our herbal bath provides postpartum mothers with a relaxing and soothing experience after childbirth and delivery. Also works well to dry and care for baby's umbilical cord area. Take 3-5 baths after birth for general discomfort or relief.
PURE ORGANIC HERBAL ESSENTIALS that help support wellness, including yarrow, plantain, shepherds purse, uva ursi, and calendula. Simply add to your warm bath water - no worrying about sprays or ointments that don't apply easily or leave you messy.
CREATED BY A MOM FOR MOMS our owner Maria combines her professional experience of over 18 years as an herbalist and Midwife with her personal experience as a mother to provide mothers high-quality herbal products that are naturally safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and their families.

8. Postpartum Yoni Steam Herbs & Soothing Sitz Bath Soak For After Birth Recovery | Natural Remedy For Healing Perineal Tissues, Hemorrhoids, Episiotomies | 100% Organic Vaginal Steam Herbs | 2-3 Steams


Organic & Fresh Herbs: Our Postpartum Steaming Herbs are always 100% USDA certified organic and packaged in small batches to ensure freshness and quality
Easy To Use: Our products come with simple instructions that make yoni steaming at home simple and convenient
Women Owned Business: We are a women owned and family run business with a heart for serving others -- thank you for supporting our business and for being a blessing to our family

9. The Asian Secrets - Herbal Sitz Bath Organic and Herbal Sitz Bath for Yoni Steam and Hemorrhoid or Fissure Relief


YONI STEAMING HERBS The soothing hydrotherapy of Herbal Sitz Bath promotes blood circulation in your sensitive areas, helps to cleanse after monthly cycles and relieves menstrual cramping.
POSTPARTUM RECOVERY Herbal Sitz Bath uses an all-natural rejuvenating formula that supports the overall health of a mother while reducing fertility stress. It soothes the discomfort and stimulates healing and recovery from postpartum. It also cleanses and tones the yoni after giving birth.
HEMORRHOID OR FISSURE Relief Hemorrhoid or fissure can cause irritations in lower bowel area. Herbal Sitz Bath helps to relieve swollen veins that might cause bleeding or long periods of pain and soothes the areas of discomfort and pain. The anti-inflammatory formula provides amazing herbal relief for hemorrhoids or fissures.
REDUCES BODILY ODOR The steam of Herbal Sitz Bath has full-body floral aroma, it reduces bodily odor and gives you fresh smell and relaxing mood.
ALL-AROUND WELLNESS The health of our lower body lays an important foundation for our comprehensive wellbeing. Your physical health may get improved through regular immersion of this herbal infusion. Herbal Sitz Bath stimulates our own physical cleansing and healing powers in a natural and holistic way.

10. Riley House - Female Wellness Mugwort Bath Soak (4OZ, 5-10 Times) 100% Korean Natural Herbal Bath Soak- Therapeutic Bath & Yoni Steaming, Blood Flow, Relaxation, Menstrual and Postpartum Care


Korean Spa Experience at Home - No need to leave the house for some much-needed yoni steam pampering! Our Riley House mugwort yoni steam herbs exude minty sage-like scents that are relaxing and soothing.
A Female Wellness Booster - Female rituals are hardly complete without an excellent bath soak detox. It provides a multitude of benefits for the body, such as warming up the uterus, alleviating Pms symptoms, and maintaining pH balance.
Provides Comfort and Relaxation - Using our mugwort herbal soak can help increase blood circulation in the uterus and pelvic region. Its a must-have treatment for addressing menstrual pain such as period cramps, menopausal pains, and after-birth discomfort.
Delicate and Effective - Unlike other bath bombs or bath soaks with synthetic fragrances and chemicals, our detox bath herbs are 100% all-natural. Safe and gentle on your intimate area, mugwort tea bath eases the mind, body and soul
Deeply Soothes the Skin - Mugwort herb delivers soothing properties that can help ease eczema and more. Simply add our bath herbs to a warm bath and feel the calmness it provides.


By our suggestions above, we hope that you can found the best sitz bath herbs for you. Please don't forget to share your experience by comment in this post. Thank you!